dosbebos bebados, whaaat?

Hi, there! We’re Jorge and Irma, a cheesy couple currently traveling South & Central America.

Yeah, we know, this blog’s name is a little crazy. But, so are we πŸ™‚ The name well describes the two of us, a Bosnian and a Brazilian living in Luxembourg, and speaking in a language that is a mix of English, Portuguese and Bosnian.

Ok, let’s try and explain: “beba” in Bosnian means “baby” and it’s how cheesy Jorge started calling Irma. Soon enough, our friends started teasing us for being too cheesy and calling us “bebos” (a mix of Bosnian and Portuguese supposedly meaning “babies”). Well we then added the other part which describes us: bebados – meaning “drunk” in Portuguese. Yes, we’re often drunk – drunk on love, drunk on life, drunk on desire to explore and also sometimes drunk drunk πŸ™‚ We find it all just funny, so there it is…

Our friends and family obviously know us well so no need for the intro but for all of you who stumbled upon this blog by chance, here’s a little info:

We’re together for longer than 6 years and we live in Luxembourg. This tiny country is what made our big love possible πŸ™‚ Irma works for Luxembourg’s Red Cross in the Service for Migrants and Refugees and Jorge is a musician by desire and an IT-kind-of-geek because he also likes to eat (and drink).

We both like our jobs but what we love the most is exploring the world. So, we decided to sell everything we own and to take a year off to explore the world, see family and friends, acquire new skills and have new and different experiences. We feel very lucky to have this opportunity to realize one of our biggest dreams and travel and volunteer in South and Central America for a year (or until we cannot anymore). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and if you want to follow our daily adventures, check out also our Instagram page :